Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We fed the missionaries tonight... Ammon didn't eat very well, new faces at the table made it hard for him to concentrate.
After they left with Jason I heard some rustling in one of the higher cabinets. I came into the kitchen to see that I left a cabinet open, a box of Club crackers lay open on the floor and the rustling had moved elsewhere.... I look over the counters and see that Ammon stole a bag of open Club crackers and was STUFFIN HIS FACE!!! It was so cute I couldn't get mad!! I just couldn't get my camera fast enough!

Ammon's Diet Has Been Great Lately.

Here are some of the most recent pics in our camera... we obviously need to re-evaluate this boy's diet!

Superhero Birthday Party!!

We had the funnest Superhero birthday party on Saturday for Kaden. When you walked in the door there was a "batcave" that the kiddos had to go into and don their capes. The "batcave" was actually a huge 7 person tent. But the kids didn't know the difference.....
The kids got to decorate their own superhero masks, fight villains, arrest villains, then watch them escape. Cake, ice cream, sprinklers, fun in the pool, pirate hats, swords & shields, and a batmobile pinata....whoooo. I'm tired just thinking about it again and I didn't even put it all together. You did a great job Jami and crew...
Here is the kiddos handcuffing the "villains" with toilet paper.. Ammon is younger than the rest of the boys but he still had so much fun, even tho he didn't quite have the patience when it came to decorating his mask...
Notice the capes... they had capes for all the superheros.. Hope even got a pink one!

Mamma and her superhero!

Daddy and Ammon taking swings at the pinata...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Playing in the Dog Food!

So I put on a video for Ammon so I could take a quick shower.... I got out and heard a strange noise! Wait... I recognize that sound... that is the sound of dog food pellets dribbling into the food tub. UGH!!! I could just imagine Ammon standing over the tub, elbow deep in the food, picking up handfuls and dropping them just having a grand time... how gross!! Dog food grosses me out, even the dry variety....
So I walk into the dining room and much to my surprise Ammon is not elbow deep outside the tub.... he is ankle deep INSIDE the tub!!! YUCK!!! He had managed not to spill even a morsel on the floor (that is a miracle) but he had dog food crumbs all over him, even on his cheeks....ICK. I couldn't believe it. I must have not closed the container all the way when I fed the dogs that morning. Needless to say, Ammon was taken straight to the bathtub after I got a blogworthy picture of course.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breaking Dawn Release!!

Went to the Breaking Dawn release party at Barnes & Nobles... the Adult to teenie boppers ratio was probably 50 to 1, no lie!!
Enjoy the pics...
My heart belongs to Jason, my neck belongs to Edward.
Confessing my love to Edward Krystal posing as she writes.... "Edward, my husband is so jealous of you.... ditch Bella!!"
Book club girlies!
Yeah we're cool!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ammon's New Buddy

Ammon was in his crib...just woken up from a nap and I heard him in there talking to someone? I peeked in and he was pointing and talking to something high on the wall opposite the crib... what could it be?! Well, it was this teddy bear. The bear was Jason's when he was a little kid and it's been sitting on the shelf since before Ammon was born. He didn't notice it until the other day... now he carries it around everywhere he goes!!