Sunday, November 16, 2008

Preschool Picture

A few friends and I have put together a preschool that we have twice a week. We have a lot of fun and the kids really enjoy being together. Ammon is the youngest and does not participate as much as the others, but I love that he is interacting more with other children. He is getting better and better each day. What is important is that he is having fun and he is:)What a good lookin' bunch of kids

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Only When You Have Kids!

It's funny the things you say or hear when you have a kid or kids....

"Don't kick your sister in the face. Nnnoooooo.... don't kick your sister in the face." This statement interrupted a phone conversation the other day with a friend (obviously it was their kids).

Jason needed to make a copy on our printer/copier last night....
"Is the Hot Tamale still in the printer?"

Dinner Time

Today was Jason's early day off from work so we went to Chilli's...Ammon must be in a growth spurt or something because he's got quite an appetite lately... But after he ate he decided to help Daddy eat and eat and eat and eat... He was just having so much fun stuffing chips in Daddys face!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Jason's teaching Ammon football... he just about has the down, set, hut figured out! I came home Sunday night and Jason was telling me what they did while I was gone, one of them was how to play football...I thought it was too cute and had to get it recorded!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mini Darth

Not enjoying picture time

Bring it on Yoda!!!!

Halloween 2008

We had a fun and long Halloween. We started the night out going to Trunk or Treat Community Party in Old Town Burleson, there were bounce houses and games and Fire Trucks and cotton candy and it was all free. We stayed there just a little while because it was so crowded...
We next hit our neighborhood and trick or treated with a bunch of friends. After trick or treating for about an hour we finished up at our house, had a pizza party (thanks Hunters, great idea) and watched Indiana Jones (thanks Hatchers, we'll bring that back soon) or Finding Nemo depending on which room you were in. It was a lot of fun, even if Ammon threw-up because he ate too much candy!! Now it's on to Thanksgiving and Christmas Shopping!!
Ammon loved trick or treating....... this is him already trying to decide what to eat. ( just like his mom)
He was so brave once he realized that people would just give him candy if he knocked on the door. He would go up and knock all by himself. He was sooooo cute.
He also had no problem grabbing a handful when he had the chance. Actually he would grab seconds and in some cases thirds........ it was so funny and embarrassing.......
Here is our large trick or treating group. We stayed up super late, but everybody had a blast!
From Left to Right: Aiden=Thomas the Train, Hope=Dora, Ammon=Darth Vader, Ally=Ballerina, Carly=Hannah Montana, Quentin=Dr Quentin, Sean=Batman, not pictured is Ethan=Diego
Already eating candy in Old Town, starting early and ending badly!!!!