Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snow MUCH Fun!!!

We love the snow.... This was Ammons first time to play in it. He had a blast!

Mia was not so sure about the cold.

this was coming straight at me

Christmas Eve

Ammon and I putting together a Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus before we read the story of Christ's birth.
Malia and Ammon both wanted to play with the star.... we had to take turns:)
Attempting to read:)

christmas PJ's

zoo fun 12-23-09

ammon loves the mire cats??? Not sure why, but he is always so excited to see them

For all you Ft. Worth zoo goers, the hippo was actually out of the water!

Mia loved the zoo. It was the first time she was very interested in the animals!

train ride #????? Ammon would NOT get off the train!
wrestling for a pic

I see you.

Ammon trying out his new helmet!

Santa Baby

We went down town Fort Worth to meet Santa. Ammon did really well and was excited to see him and talk with him.Malia did okay, we were just happy she didn't cry. Jason was able to get her to smile.
Alan was visiting and enjoyed seeing Santa for the third time this year..

After waiting outside in the long line to see Santa, we decided we better hit up Star bucks for some hot cocoa and Carmel apple spice deliciousness.

we made a mess and both the kids wanted my chocolate chip frappachino

Over all we had a great night, thanks Moores for inviting us:) (notice Krystals feet don't touch the floor! hehehehehe)

fun at the mall

We met the Hatchers at the mall to play. The kids had a BLAST!!! When we got there the play area was closed for cleaning so we wasted time at Build a Bear. They gave Ammon a heart and he was so happy. He held on to it the entire time he played.
rode the turtles at the fountain;)
this is katie
Because the area had just been cleaned,I let Malia down to rome about.... she loved it!
Later that night...ammon was helping Mia brush her teeth

Man he is cute

Live Nativity in Waxahachie TX