Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birthday Picture Overload!

Malia took 5 steps today....the most yet:)
We just put her by the presents and she started opening them, she loves getting into things so it was perfect...
baby doll ( she calls it momma) to cute!


scary princess cake...
Malia wanted the cake so bad.... she kept grabbing for it....
she dug in right away, no hesitation
this is good stuff

she loved sharing her cake

lots of laughs with these two:)
tummy ache tonight!

sooooo yummy

what a look:)
...clean up time...

I had to run bath water then drain out all the pink floaties and then put in fresh water. Even after her bath her cheeks were still pink.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This is our favorite picture Malia. Getting Malia to look at the camera is very, very hard to do. I attempted several different times to take her one year pictures. My mistake is I went all by myself every time. I plan on getting more soon only with extra help! Hopefully we will get a family on as well:)
Malia is just a Doll! We love her soooooo much. She is such a mommy's girl. She is still on all fours and happy being that way. Walking is not on her To-Do list. She's in no rush and neither are we! She is starting to talk (at least we can understand her), she loves dolls and taking whatever her brother is playing with, emptying the contents of a purse or a bag is her specialty. Every animal roars like a lion except a cow who says mmmmmm, she has such a cute little personality and is so different in so many ways from Ammon. She loves her brother so much and thinks he has hung the moon, he can get her to smile the biggest and laugh the loudest! We love you Malia, we're so glad you're part of our eternal family!

a couple of pics with brother..... could not get them to both look at the camera or smile at the same time:) Another reason not to do take pics alone.

New Car Seat!!

Turning ONE means a new car seat! It was very hard to make a decision on which one would be best for Malia. After going to Target too many times to count, I found this one online for 120$ cheaper than the one on And YES they are the same exact seat:) It was bedtime when the UPS guy knocked on the door, but I have been so excited about getting it that I ripped it out of the box right away and took a few pictures.Malia's first ride ( yes a few days early) in her new car seat. She loves facing forward and smiles every time I turn back to look at her. Her first ride took us to the Museum of Science and History where we had a blast.
We bought a membership and plan to get good use out of it:)
Ammon was a little jealous of all the new car seat madness so I took a picture of him too! ( Don't worry Ammon, I made a MUCH bigger deal when you got your car seat.)

Monday, March 1, 2010


Jason FINALLY got a chance to run a Marathon:) As most of you know, he trained in the past for one and it was cancelled. He was happy to have the opportunity to run on a Saturday and accomplish his first marathon.... warming up and doing a little stretching

the bull horn sounded and the race began......26.2 miles to go!Waiting for DADDY:)
home stretch
Ammon joined Jason to cross the finish line.
SOOOO cute:)
Finish Line !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jason showing Ammon his medal
WE are so proud of you Jason:)
glad it's over!

joining a group of friends...

eating Oranges.....