Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ammon's 3 year pics

I love this kid soooooo much! He keeps us on our toes all the time. He is so silly and loves to laugh. It is amazing how much and fast he is learning. At the precious age of 3 he knows his address, including city and state. He knows mommy's cell phone number. Knows mommy's, daddy's, Malia's and his own FULL name. He can count to 20 and sometimes higher:) He counts to 10 in Spanish and knows several other words in Spanish also thanks to Dora and Diego;) He knows and recognizes his ABC'S and knows their sounds. Shapes and colors just the same. He is a smarty and loves to learn names of people and characters of toys and shows. His current favorite movie is (within the last week) Alvin and the Chipmunks. He is such a sweet big brother. He tells her she is so pretty and that she is a princess almost everyday. He helps her and loves to make her laugh. Ammon what would we do without you. Sorry about the picture overload, but I can NeVer choose just a few. There are a lot of others I love just as much as these.

mommy said "don't make silly faces please." And of course he did...

mr. cool guy

Never lead her astray
LOVE this....kisses:)

she adores him...truly

Love my kids

Easter Fun

We were in Graham for Easter this year. It was fun! Ammon and Malia were able to hunt eggs with their two cousins Alan and Colton. Malia is walking now, which was timely for hunting eggs:)Here ya go mom.... this is just a sample of the 300 pic I took that day:)I was trying to get Ammon to sit on the ground, and he did NOT want
Colton( my little brother James son)
Alan, my sister sarah's son
ummmmm peeps....
Malia's first egg!

CHEESE!!!!!! Ammon is such a ham.
daddeeeeee( that is how she says daddy) and Mia

jason mia colton and laurie


Alan was pro at hunting eggs
easter basket time

my sweet girl

his teeth are Black... yuck... he and jason love the black jelly beans

ready to hunt more eggswhat?
she looks like such a big girl in this picture

What a DOLL!!!!!
oKAAYYYY, i will look at the camera geeesh!!