Thursday, March 27, 2008


A member of out ward gave Ammon this bike on Sunday. It is still "a little" to big for Ammon, but just right for Alan. It was so nice of Dick to think of us. Thanks:) I put a little broom in Ammon's Easter basket. Jason kept commenting that I make weird baskets. It may be weird, but I got what I knew the kids would love. The broom was a HIT!!! He still carries it around everywhere. I can sweep in peace now if I just give Ammon his:)I put a towel in Alan's basket(jason thought it was weird) of course he loved it!ready! set! GO!I found an egg........are we done yet?

" am getting pretty good at this"

Wooooooo, what is in here??

A car!

Flying the kite Aunt Jessie( jasons sister) got for Alan.

Grandma Seidel gave Ammon chocolate

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ammon's 1st (& hopefully last) Surgery

Ammon had a Right Inguinal Hernia repair today. I noticed it about 2 weeks ago would come and go, not noticeable every time but after 3 - 4 days it didn't go away. So I decided to take him to the doctor. Of course I was worried that it was cancer or something and I was a horrible mom for not IMMEDIATELY getting him checked out! Well, it was just a hernia...his Pediatrician saw him on Tuesday, we saw the Surgeon on Wednesday, Preop at Cooks Children Hospital on Thursday and finally was at the hospital at 5:30AM this morning! It all worked out exactly as the doctors said it would.....Ammon was very good about the whole thing, didn't have any separation anxiety when he left us (even tho he probably thought we were right behind him) and he even got a vanilla flavored soothie pacifier out of the deal...oh and I'm sure a cool scar he can show off in nursery in about 8 months!
It's 5:30 in the morning! I'm tired but this Vanilla soothie sure does hit the spot! Brave man with not so brave Mommy.
Ugh! In recovery
Awake but still loopy!
Not quite ready to go yet, waiting to see if he can keep down the water he's drinking.
When we got home he was still pretty high. He was pretty shaky on his feet, he couldn't walk and he couldn't even was pretty funny actually!! Lots of naps, hugs and kisses and he's pretty much all better now!

More of Colten

Here are a few pictures of Colten. He is under the lamp in these pictures so he has on his shades:) I saw him yesterday and even was able to hold him. He is doing so well and there is even talk that he may be able to go home next week. His is no longer on oxygen and is growing and changing more and more each day. I wish I had my camera yesterday, but I didn't, so sorry.He doesn't have the feeding tube or oxygen anymore

mom and dad in the waiting room

Ammon left Colten a message....first time to write with chalk. (jason wrote the A)

Ammon Combing His Hair

Ammon is really mimicking a lot of things these days...we were lucky enough to catch this one...

We had just did laundry from our camping trip, hence the bed full of clothes!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Camping (the longest post ever)

It's spring break this week for Alan and we wanted to do something fun but also we went camping!! He says it was the first time he'd ever gone camping, but who knows with this kid. Every night when we put him to bed he says "this was the best day ever!" It was definitely Ammon's first campout, we were pretty worried (new parent disease) about him falling in the fire or creek, eating a stick and choking and dying, getting stung/bit by anything pretty much anything bad that could happen we worried about it!

We had the best campsite!! It was right on Squaw Creek that feeds into the Paluxy & Brazos. We didn't have anybody around us, plus there was a huge hill that had roots and vines sticking out of and the kids spent hours playing on it.
Backpack worked out great! Ammon loved it.
MMMMM Dutch Oven Pizza!
Gettin the coals ready!
Hey! This isn't a nudist camp!! Get some clothes on!!Silly upside down photo....I think we had a few to many smores in us at this point.
Makin' smores, nothing more romantical then that:)

Except for this...Ammon's first smore

Playing in the creek

Just loving the outdoors

Ammon's 11 Month Pics

I can't believe that in less than a month we will be having Ammon's 1st birthday party!! It is truely incredible how much life changes in 11 short months!
This kid is all smiles, seriously. We are very blessed to have such a happy baby!


This kid is all about the remote, or the cell phone, or toilet brushes....basically everything he shouldn't have. It is cute tho when he picks up the cell phone and starts talking into it!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Introducing Colton Jace Seidel!!

My little brother James and his wife Lori had their first baby last night!! Colton Jace Seidel, he was only 33 weeks along so they are watching him for a few weeks but he is doing just perfect!!
He was born at 11:16 PM, 4lbs. 12.7oz. 18.5 Length!

What a cutie!! I love babies!! He appears to be favoring Lori which surprised me....the Seidel genes are really strong. Sometime we look at Ammon and wonder if he got anything from Jason!!

Father and son! No pics with Mommy yet....she is still recouperating of course.


Last weekend we went to Graham for my sister-in-laws babyshower, it was a log of fun....I didn't take any serious pictures...just some fun ones....
On the way home it started raining and rainbows started appearing, I've never seen more vibrant colored rainbows before!! We had to pull over and take pictures!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Free Date Night

what a cute couple huh?

On Friday Night a friend gave me 4 tickets to the Bass Hall. The tickets were to see the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and Big Band Voodoo Daddy(swing dance music), it was such a blast. The music was absolutely wonderful. We invited our friends Mark and Krystal to enjoy the evening with us. It was nice to get away and have a fun date for free. We also had a friend of Jason's sister babysit for free, so that was an extra bonus:) Here are a few pics..... (Jason broke the rules)
a mean old usher lady yelled at us for taking this picture, apparently you cannot take pictures in the Hall even if the show hasn't started:(
just being silly