Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bath Time...

Bath time usually goes pretty well around here, especially if Ammon gets to turn the water on and off. I always worry he might burn himself, so we try to just stick with turning on the cold water.Daddy washing Ammon's hair. All rinsed out...... check out that grin, lol lol, he looks so much like Jason in this picture!!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ammon's Cute New Thing

Ammon loves to get a pen and doodle on paper of any kind while sitting at the table. He swings his feet and talks to himself as he works... it's really cute!! I know I need to collect all his doodlings and have them looked at by a child psychologist or something and have them analyzed and interpreted... until then I'm gonna keep enjoying watching him "work!"

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Football Season Is HERE!!

It's football season again!! I am always made very aware that football season is upon us by Jason... The start of football season always coincides with Jason's birthday, so to celebrate both I got Jason & Ammon matching Tony Romo jerserys!! They already have matching Dirk Nowitzki jerseys and I couldn't help myself!! They were sooooo cute! Enjoy the pics... the second one is my favorite.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ammon's Hiding Phase

Ammon's "firsts" are really starting to add up! It seems like daily he's saying something new or signing something new (we are trying to capture some signs on video, they are really cute!) or doing something completely new that he came up with on his own... It's really amazing to see his little mind expand and make new mental connections and constantly surprise us! This is one such thing... when we say it's time to do something, could be anything, he finds it really funny to hide. But it's in only two places... one is behind this table and the other is in the closet in his soon to be room when the baby comes.
Right now he knows he's hiding from something but isn't sure what it is... those eyes tell us he's thinking its nap time!
NOPE..... it's time to take pictures!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Time To Try Bubba

There are always some family dishes in every family that carry a tradition with them... not simply family recipes but they have a history, they are infamous and usually they are not really as good to those that marry into the family from which the dish sprang. Well Jason's family has a couple of dishes that seem to be revered. One that Ammon got to taste for the first time the other day was "Bubba." Bubba is really good and a treat when Nana makes some, it's basically a potato pancake that has been made in his family forever... they put applesauce on it and eat pounds of it at a time. There is a story that once their family was feasting on Bubba and Jason's dad & one of his uncles were full but wanted to eat more so they went out the front door and started running laps around his Nana's house to work up more appetite.... Jason was actually traded as a child to his Nana & Popo for weekends for trays of Bubba.
Ammon really liked it!

Daddy & Ammon finishing the last bite!!

Lily's Baptism and BBQ

Well, a couple a weeks ago we had the opportunity to see Lilly get baptised and celebrate with a BBQ afterwards... It was a lot of fun and we got to hang out with friends we don't get to see very often and others we see more often and some we see all the time!! It was a great time, there is never a dull moment (or conversation) when you hang out the the McCorkles (even those "former McCorkles" see exhibit A ). Unfortunately we didn't take our camera, I know, no camera when we have a blog to keep updated!! What were we thinking?! Jason did have his camera phone but only took a couple of shots of Ammon on one of his new favorites... trampolines. We actually got Jason's trampoline back from his sister so Ammon is enjoying it in our backyard. Anyway... we enjoyed our Saturday at The Gov's!