Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas everybody!! We had a pretty great Christmas... Ammon got WAY too much stuff! We started shopping in October tho anticipating not having much to spend, but Jason's work always seems to come thru with gift cards at all the right times!! Last year Ammon was to young to really understand, we would help him open a present and he would just be interested in the paper...this year was different, we still had to help him open a present but once opened he was done and just wanted to play with that present. Next year he will be 4 months shy of 3yrs old and I'm sure he will be all in and we'll have to hide the presents until Christmas morning!!
Mommy and Ammon opening up his trains... He got a Thomas the Train set from his Aunt Jesse later in the day...he absolutely LOVES trains!!!
Daddy & Ammon opening Ammon's Art Easel
Ammon opening his Magna Doodle with the bonus Travel Magna Doodle (already got our money's worth outta that!)
Daddy & Ammon opening Ammon's stocking...full of Cars and Madagascar talking animals that we collected from McDonalds.
Ammon on his bike, the big present of '08. Shortly after this pic he must have run over his own foot or something because he won't ride it, he just says "owie, owie" when we put him on it or talk about him riding it. So we will probably be returning it very soon!
Surprised that Jason went over budget!
This is the ornament Jason made this year, it's tradition.

Ammon and his cousin Brandon playing with his stocking stuffer toys.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Problem Solved!

So this morning I was doing laundry, I had a pair of fluffy warm socks rolled up together on the bed. Ammon got on the bed and was playing, then he saw the fluffy soft socks. So he grabbed 'em pulled them apart and put them on like gloves. After that he immediately started saying "down"... so I moved and he slid off the bed tummy first like he does and went straight toward the living room... I'm thinking what is this kid doing? What is going on in his's obvious he's got a plan!
He runs up to the Christmas tree saying "tree" the whole way down the hall. When he gets there he starts touching the bubble lights (if you've never heard or seen bubble light you've got to, they are great. It's not a Filina Christmas tree in Jason's opinion without bubble lights). What's funny here is that he's always wanting to touch the bubble lights but they are hot, well warm but we tell him they are hot, so he heeds our warnings and doesn't' touch them. Well not today... he figured out how to get around that!!I never get tired of watching their little minds figure stuff out and put concepts together...

Ammon's New Room

We got Ammon's room painted and set up for the most part this past weekend. The pictures really don't do it justice... now the fun part of getting Ammon to move in there!

Pretty simple really, one red wall, 3 tanish colored walls... looks good tho!

Sick Sick Sick

We haven't updated the blog in a while, we've been busy here with snot and puke and viruses and diarrhea and fevers and chills and no sleep!
Ammon got a cold, and an intestinal virus at the same time. The doctor ruled out the flu and no ear problems but said he was definitely sick with a mean cold and stomach bug!
He had a fever for 8 days without breaking!! It would be 103.8 then 3 hrs later 100.5 or something...which, I know fevers in kiddos this age will go higher than in us and even a temp of 103 is not reason for an ER visit, but for over a week solid? We contemplated ER visits & Urgent Care visits but we just kept treating the symptoms (which is what the doctor eventually said is all we could do)....
Motrin & Tylenol tag teamed every 3 hrs, which meant we were up every 3 hrs! Gosh... talk about tired!
And poor Ammon! He didn't laugh, he didn't play, he didn't even smile for the entire time. He just wanted to sleep and watch movies.... Cars, Toy Story, Nemo, Thomas the Train... over and over again (but mostly Cars).
He didn't eat, he drank a lot of water and gatorade and he's lost 2 lbs. But he's getting better now.
This is a pretty good pic actually... before it got bad. Notice Thomas the Train in the background?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Time to put up the tree

We had fun with Ammon putting the Christmas tree up. He loved helping Jason so much.
what a big boy

He liked wearing my gloves. He wore them for a long time. It was funny to watch him try to pick things up and do things with the gloves on.

Ammon's stocking
he carried it around for a while

all done


We forgot to take pictures during dinner. I had the wonderful privilege of cooking again:) :) :) LOL. Thank goodness for my mom being here and helping. I asked her a thousand questions. It is easy to forget when you only do it once or twice a year. I am THANKFUL that I do NOT have to cook Christmas dinner also;)
Ammon helping mommy cook....... I mean make a mess!(corn bread was everywhere)
Ammon and Grandma SeidelDaddy Ammon and Prego Mommy

Gma and Gpa Filina tickling Ammon

catch-up pics

Hello......bla bla bla
Thanks Nanna for the cool books!!!

His favorite place to be

silly face

second favorite place to be...
Playing blocks with daddy!!


animal cracker fun :)

Had to take a ride

He loves apples, well the juice anyway. YUCK!

This picture is sooooo funny! Ammon got in Grandmas' car and sat down and buckled his own seat belt. We didn't even know he could do it. I guess we are good examples:) He was not a happy camper when we took him out:(