Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm a Big Boy Now!!

Ammon is sleeping in his Big Boy bed now! We are so happy and proud of him. Night time is really easy, and nap time gets easier each day. I did not expect him to transfer over so fast and easy. Jason and I would put him to bed in his crib and then once he was asleep we would move him to his new room. He would wake up in his Big Boy bed and we would make a big deal about how neat and fun it was....... it worked!!!!! Hooray!!!!!! Now he knows where he goes nite nite. First time to NAP in his bed!!

This is one of his nap times...... he is laying the wrong direction, but hey whatever makes him happy:) ( notice James his choo choo in the picture)

Ammon is also very very interested in the potty.... He has gone 3 times total.... this is not something we are going to focus on until after Malia comes..... I have been told he will back track... I do not want to potty train him twice.....
just went potty for the first time..... thats why he has a cookie!!Happy he is a Big Boy!!
like father like son

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ammon and his Letters

We finally caught Ammon on tape doing some of his letters... he knows SO many more but it's hard to keep his attention long enough to get it on video!! Notice the beeping in the background and him asking what is that beep? Also, his new thing is he'll say he's shy if he's...well, feeling shy. So at the end with the singing, he's saying Shy, that's the kinda stuff I guess only parents can really catch!

All in a week!

Jason had off from the 25th to the 1st and what a busy week! Besides just the busyness of Christmas we decided to redo our master bath... and when I say we I mean Jason, I am 30 weeks prego you know!! Oh Ammon thought he was helping, Jason thought otherwise...but he was ok with him coming and going as long as he wasn't painting or putting down the tile... Not only did the bathroom consume the entire week, we took some time to go to the zoo as a family and celebrate our 7yr anniversary! Thank goodness for my mom being down here! Ammon certainly enjoyed all the sweet goodies that he only gets from grandma, and he can say grandma now very clearly...busy week but good!
Ammon must have mistaken Jason's installation of the faucet for an oral examination!
Holding the wrench for Daddy...Bringing his cars to play with Daddy... but Daddy is putting tile down!Walking all over the hired help!
Our yummy dinner at P.F. Changs.... my fave! They messed up our order so we got to take pretty much a whole entree back to my mom, it was much appreciated payment for babysitting!
Grandma & Ammon bonding! After she fed him 1/2 a pint of Ben & Jerry's!

Ammon getting a "backpack" as he calls it, from Mommy!
Ammon was really into the snakes and lizards this time around

Ammon and Daddy

More Christmas...

Here are some more Christmas pics... Christmas at Jason's sister's house... Ammon got a lightsaber and most importantly his Thomas the Train set which he LOVES!!!
The force is strong with this one!
Cute pic with Mommy...
He's starting to be a pretty good eater, we are starting to be able to feed him what we eat for dinner and he does pretty good!
Ammon and Grandpa!
Jason's sister has a foosball table, before we threw the tablecloth over it and ate off it (talk about white trash!) Ammon had to play some foosball...he enjoyed hitting the puck a little, but was more interested in taking it off the table and putting it in the other players goal!
Daddy teaching him...Ammon showing his "choo choos" off to Grandpa!
Modeling his new cute PJs from Amber & Sadie...
This is what his room looked like the day after Christmas...and every day since!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to everyone. We hope this year brings you many blessings and joy. Here are a few cute pictures of Ammon at the park that Darlene took. Enjoy!!