Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pre-school Fun

Decorating cupcakes and cookies for Valentines Day!
Hope, Ammon and Emily Heather and Katie, whom Ammon adores....
notice Heathers cute fruit loop necklace.....
Doesn't get much better than this :)YUM YUM

Best Pals

Ammon and Duke are so funny. Ammon just loves going "outside back" to play and run around with our three dogs. Duke is his favorite by far. Duke lets him have a "back pack" (piggy back), lay on him, sit on him, pretty much whatever Ammon wants to do. Duke even gets on the trampoline with Ammon. He tells Duke to jump and just laughs and laughs..... I am glad he is such a layed back dog.

hope you enjoyed seeing our muddy back yard....

Misc. Pictures

Hope and Ammon playing

We came home from Walmart and Ammon lined up all the Gatorade's in the hall while I was putting the other groceries away. Then he brought me one to open for him.

Ammon in his bed looking at trains. He loves looking at pictures of Thomas and all his friends. I love it when he has been quiet a little to long and I find him doing this and not coloring the walls or shoving a whole pack of gum in his he tries to do all to often.

Daddy and Ammon watching the Super Bowl..... they got to eat in the living room in front of the TV!!!