Saturday, May 31, 2008


This was soooooo adorable...Monday morning before we went to the beach the little ones were eating their breakfast and just jabbering and laughing with each other while nobody was around....luckily Jason snapped a couple of photos...It's always fun to see the interaction between the littlest of kids, these two had a lot of fun together...there was some pulling and tugging of toys tho. Ammon is the first born with no siblings that he has to share with yet and Jacob is the youngest of 3...but they figured it out!
There is no telling what they were discussing here...or plotting....

Saturday Night, Sunset on the Beach

Saturday night we got a babysitter, yes we did the same thing on Friday night would too after spending every day herding kids everywhere!! It was nice to have some fun time with just the adults...
Nice pic of the 4 of us just as the sun set...
We got strawberries on the way there and walked and talked and ate strawberries on the beach at sunset!!
Beautiful sunset....
This place is just one postcard moment after another!!

Friday: San Diego Zoo, Saturday at the Pier & Beach

Friday we went to the famous San Diego Zoo....what a trip! It was raining when we woke up but we decided to make the trek anyway, hoping that the rain would let up or become intermittent. We got to the zoo, still we decided to eat lunch in the van. The adults ate and chatted, kids ate & watched Toy Story on the DVD player....still raining, even harder....
So we decided to go home and figure out something else to do, Kristy turns the key.........battery is dead!!
THIS IS A SIGN!!! So we go ahead and go to the zoo while roadside assistance comes out to charge the battery.....We are glad we went was wet and cold but it was fun and we have memories that will never fade!!
Posing in front of a VERY famous Ape.....obviously!!
Abby & Alan before we went into the park....notice the rain on the windows.
About to go into the Snake House...Alan & Abby were so excited in there that we overheard somebody say they wished they had the same child-like enthusiasm as them...
Kristy has a better pic here....Abb and the Orangutan were mirroring each others hands on the glass.
Symbolic of the day... wet ponchos...notice when we had to hold the babies we had to fish them thru the arm holes!
" does a bear go?" "arrrrrrrr!!"
Saturday mid morning we went to Oceanside and strolled down Oceanside Pier, ate at Ruby's Diner and played on the beach... It was sunny and nice but there was still a chill in the air, hence the long sleeves...The pier was soooo much fun!! The diner was the most stressful dining experience ever, but the food was de-lish!! MMMMMM Milkshakes!!
Ammon would walk with us for a few steps then get preoccupied looking thru the cracks and staring at the water below!!
Cute!! Fathers and sons!!
The 4 of us on the beach! Look at that background!
Adorable, dirty little feet!
Again....look at that background!!
Looks like a postcard huh!
Kristy took this...before the chaos ensued...
The big kid table...about 4 seconds after this picture Alan, for some reason, started eating the jelly packets on the table!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We had a nice little family vacation last week, we flew out to sunny Southern California and spent just under a week with my friend Kristy and her amazing family!! I hadn't seen Kristy for about 10 yrs, we grew up in the Graham Branch together and then regrettably grew apart for a while but we've been close again for a few years now.... We were both a little nervous because we hadn't seen or hung out with each other for a decade, we had never met each others spouses, our spouses had never met each other...and then there were 5 kids in total that were going to have to get along for a week in close quarters!! But everything went great...we picked up like we just saw each other yesterday....our spouses got along....even the kids got along (for the most part). We went to Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo, Walked up and down Oceanside Pier, had lunch at Ruby's Diner, Went out to dinner on a double date without the kids....twice (yikes!), Watched Indiana Jones, took pictures of the sunset on the beach, boogie boarded, ate In-N-Out burgers and just had a blast!! Jason says the most fun might have been all the kids running around like crazy people the whole time. That or the Star Wars ride at Disneyland. Alan rode his first roller coaster (Space Mountain), I became addicted to boogie boarding and Ammon found he LOVES stairs and watching Jacob spill things and vice-versa...overall we couldn't have planned a better vacation, thank you Scotts!! I'll try to keep the pictures to a check back as I'll split up the postings......

Plane Ride & Disneyland

The flight was beyond frustrating!! We were scheduled to take off at 7:30AM....We had to switch planes once, then wait for them to fix another problem on our substitute flight. We were landing at 10:15AM in LAX and our connecting flight took off at 10:10! What a fun way to spend half a day! As we were loading the 1st plane Alan looked up with his big brown eyes to the flight attendant and said "I've never been on a plane before." So she said, "would you like to meet the pilot?" He was coached on his lines of course by his good 'ol Aunt & Uncle!! He met the pilot and the pilot said, "would you like to sit in the pilot's seat?".....Alan had no idea how lucky he was!! All he knew is that he was sitting in the driver seat of a "real life plane." He did have a quick conversation with the co-pilot tho..... "I lost a tooth.... see" (as he points to one of the many gaps in his mouth that needs no pointing out!). It never ceases to amaze me at what comes out of kids mouths..... and I don't mean the teeth!

The way we preferred seeing Ammon on the plane!
Alan's first plane ride.
Family pic (Alan being silly)
On our way into Disneyland.....notice Alan's feet are not even touching the ground.
Soooooooo adorable!!Ethan and Alan, that's C3PO in the background.....

Kristy has the best picture of these two in this pose, but you get the idea...both so cute watching the Dumbo ride with their names sewn on the back of their hats!

Right before riding Big Thunder Mountain!

I'm sad we don't have more pics of Abby (she's absolutely adorable!) I have to wait for Kristy's disk of pics from her camera... Jason had ours and the 2 older boys...Here is one of the few I got that day with Abby in it....right after the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

All tuckered out!

1st haircut

Jason's Great Uncle Bob gave Ammon his first haircut on last Tuesday before we left for vacation. Uncle Bob also gave Jason his first haircut. I love family traditions even if it is as simple as this one.
I guess I better explain the booboo over Ammon's left hit in the head with a nerf frisby that was going a million miles an hour! It isn't even a bruise...just a burn...weird.

All DONE!!!!!!

This is Jason's first haircut

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ammon Blowing Bubbles

Isn't this absolutely adorable?!!

Good Food, Music & Fun

So we did this a couple times in the past before the baby, but we've really had fun going to Central Market on Friday or Saturday nights lately for their live music and good food.....
You go get some seats, go early because it gets crowded....
Have somebody hold your table and chairs while somebody else goes and gets the food.....They have good burgers grilling on the Patio, or you can go inside and get some Pizza, Sandwiches, Pasta, Fruit, or anything from their Deli....
Sit outside, listen to music, talk to friends, people watch....
Finish it off with some gelatto, yes they have a gelatto stand inside!!
It's a lot of fun and just a little more work now with little ones...but they have fun too!!
The Fam
Krystal and the kiddos, Hopey & Ethan
Ammon all of a sudden likes slides?! He has been basically indifferent to the experience every other time we put him on a slide until last night! Crazy!!
Ammon & Hopey playing....Ethan enjoying the music....All 3 of the kids playing on the playground....
Mom enjoying herself last time we went...