Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumkin Carving Doubts

Funny!! Ammon wants nothing to do with cleaning the pumpkin out with his hands!! Although he had no problem playing with the muffler and getting super dirty 5 minutes after we recorded this!!

Pumpkin Carving

It's that time of year again!! Halloween is fast approaching and yes we have Ammon's costume picked out. Last year he was a.... well I'll let you figure it out....(see the pic below), this year he will be Darth Vader.... yes Darth Vader...obviously Jason picked this one out! Anyway, pumpkin carving time!! It was so nice outside today that we set up one of Ammon's tables in the front yard and carved the thing outside. I think he would have been more into it if we had carved it indoors, there is way to much to distract him outside.
Ammon wasn't so keen on cleaning the Pumpkin out with his hands, he did get into it a bit more when we gave him a spoon to use. Anyway, pumpkin's carved and ready to go! We are enjoying the mild temperatures and keeping windows open and playing outside A LOT!! Enjoy the pics...
Halloween 2007!

Having Fun!!
Ammon and Daddy cleaning the Pumpkin out.
Mommy and Ammon working on the Pumpkin....
Look at this kids face?! How cute is that!
He's either feeding the Pumpkin or he's still working on cleaning him out.

All done and ready to go inside and get cleaned up!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's a Girl!!

Everybody probably already knows from our million text messages (good thing it's unlimited on our plan). But it's official... we are having a girl!!! Malia is due March 16th!!!

We don't have the sonogram pics up yet but we are working in it...

We are super excited and can't wait!!


So we went camping this past weekend.... got to test drive our new 7 person tent with built in closets, yes closets as in plural. The company was great! Barbie & Mike, Jami & Ben, Mark & Krystal... I can't say the same for Ammon tho!! He was getting over an ear infection and between the warm days and cold nights he was not a happy camper, literally!! Sorry everybody for waking/keeping y'all up with his crying/screaming all night...did everybody hear that group of college kids in the middle of the night complaining "why would you bring a baby on a campout anyway?" Just wait little missy your turn is coming!! If it helps, even when he was sleeping we weren't, he kept squirming and shoving us all over the bed and we were in constant fear he was going to wake up and be inconsolable for another 20-30 minutes! We went so far the 2nd night to take him to the car and drive around to calm him down and put him to sleep!!
Anyway, we had fun with everybody and it was fun to get the kids out in nature and hike and swim and sit around the campfire eating smores! Some funny things that happened, Kaden making a "sand angel" in the sand, Dave's attempt at eating eggs, Hope feeding Ammon, Ethan hiding, and the line that marked where throwing sand was legal and where it wasn't.
Here are some of the Pics... enjoy!!

The many faces of Ammon....

Ammon is full of personality...and as he learns to communicate with words more and more he also communicates with facial expressions as well... they are hard to catch on camera sometimes but here are some of Ammon's most telling facial expressions. Please feel free to treat them like Mad Libs and insert your own funny comments!!
Mom! I said I wear a size __ not a size __!

Mother, it's early.....I'm not really in the mood for the camera....
I don't know.... that's really confusing?! Let me think about it...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Holding Hands

We went to the park with Krystal and her nieces & nephew Saturday night. Ally is only 3 weeks older than Ammon, she's smaller in size but her vocabulary is like 5 times as big as Ammon!! She can say just about anything... I had a whole discussion with her about whether she was poopy or just wet...
I just love it when little kids hold hands.... it's so sweet and cute!
Ammon was talking to her and she was probably wondering what he was saying, just like me!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Video of Ammon Jumping on Trampoline and Hamming it up!

Ok... this is the kind of video that may only excite parents but it's sooooo cute and just adorable. Ammon loves our trampoline, loves to play "jump,jump,fall" that he learned from the Moores and loves the camera these days. He wants to take a picture then run around and look at it...makes it difficult to get some good shots!! Anyway, Jason and I just love this video but we understand if you are like what's the big deal? There isn't a lot going on here, just Ammon being Ammon, but to us that is the best!

Birthday Party!!

Last weekend we went to Hope's 2nd birthday party at guess where?!! Yep... Chuckie Cheese, where a kid can smell like a kid... seriously, it was fun and I'm always up for a party and Ammon had a blast but it smelled like dirty kids. Here are some pics of the festivities....
Ammon kept pointing and talking to Chuckie... but wasn't so keen on getting to close.
Hopey opening presents!
Ammon LOVED this carousel... as soon as it would stop he'd start signing "more, more, more!"
Ammon really has the "cheese" thing down! We love it!!

Rangers Game

Something we never posted earlier was our one and only trip to the Ballpark in Arlington to see a Rangers game this year!! We went on 9/6, with Amber & Sadie, the Rangers played the Red Sox! And we were witness to the one and only time they beat the Red Sox in 2008!! Ammon had a blast, but was mostly interested in walking the millions of steps and wandering around the kids area in the outfield.... And he tried cotton candy for the first time!
The walk up to the stadium...
Just the 3 of us...
Walkin steps...