Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lots of stuff!

lots of pics y'all... sorry for the overload. This is just a bunch of pics of stuff that's been goin on enjoy~
Poor girl... we're such bad parents... we put her in here while we ate dinner, she was content so we started unloading the car, we got done a few minutes later and she was asleep!!
Momma and Ammon baking cookies!
Malia in her dress for church!!
Swimming at the Kidders!Ammon just started taking to the water in the past couple of months...
Jumpin in the pool with Daddy!
Cute girl!!
Ammon & Malia playing...
First taste of green beans...
Playin at the park with Katie & Emmy (not in the pic)... Ammon doesn't usually like slides like this, but for Katie he'll make an exception!
Malia all dressed up for her first Relief Society activity with Mommy
This boy likes his ice cream!!
We went to Central Market and ate on the patio, listened to music and hung out with the Hakes... Ammon took a liking to the blond girl on the right... doesn't this pic just scream "dude, you're crampin my style!!"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Malia and Daddy

Malia's First Ranger Game

Ammon, mommy,daddy, and Mia...
Mommy and MiaMia at the end of the night.... she was pooped out!When we first got to the game and went to our seats, Ammon was so upset! We could not figure out why he was crying, all he kept saying was "BASEBALL!!!" We kept saying we are at the baseball game and we would point to the field and say "see the players." He just stayed upset and he wanted to walk around. We would peek in and look at the game from different entrances and Ammon would want to walk as far down the steps as possible. We just thought he wanted to climb the steps, we finally realized that he was upset because he wanted to be ON the field.... poor guy! We took him to the kids zone and he got his chance to play baseball with daddy's help. He hit three balls ( with help) and loved it! He also played some tee ball.
Ammon wanted his picture taken with Nolan Ryan..... he walk up there and said"CHEESE!"

snow cones and ice cream..... what a lucky kid!

Cool Hair and High Heels..

Malia has been waking up with "cool hair" lately! She is so funny and cute and we love her and her hair! this is her "Flock of Seagulls hairdo" Jason pointed it out and just had to laugh b/c it reminded him of Chandler on "Friends".
Ammon loves wearing our shoes, but this was the first time he put on my heels.... Ha!!!

Another zoo that Jason and Ammon made...... they are so cute and I love how much fun they have together!!! Notice the little guys watching the animals and Buzz Lightyear is guarding the zoo.