Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Meal + Sweet and Sour sauce + Infant = Freakin OUT!!

It is so hard to set aside time to blog. I think about blogging just as often as I think about FOOD! Yea, every few minutes. Every tiny detail that happens throughout the day I think OH! I can put that on my blog, QUICK, where's my camera!! But I honestly feel so guilty now when I blog. Ammon is napping right now and I feel that I should be cleaning or washing something right now, but this is much more fun. Luckily Jason is one of those husbands who doesn't really notice how productive I've been around the house. I usually have to ask him if he noticed that the floor was mopped, or that I washed and folded ALL the laundry. He does ask me everyday if I updated our blog. Ammon and I got to go and have lunch with him today at work, so that took up some of my cleaning bad, my floors could really use a good moppin. Soooooo (switching gears) Grey's Anatomy season premiere is tonight, oh my goodness I'm so pumped!! And The Office also. Maybe Jim and Pam will FINALLY hook up. Television drama is great. hmmmmmmmmm......Isn't it just crazy how worked up people (ME) get about fictional characters and their fictional story lines.

My mom HAD to come stay with me Friday night again because Jason had a camp out. I still have mixed feelings about all this Scout Master stuff. Yep, I'm sure that there are blessing Heavenly Father wants to give us for his volunteering but because of me we are missing out on them, I'm aware and working on it! :) I hate that I am 20freakin7 years old and still cannot stay at home alone through the night. At least this time I didn't make my mom sleep with me. Well honestly, I would have but last time she kept me up all night with her snoring! It was very difficult to fall asleep Friday night because I was scared of every teeny little noise and I missed Jason, I kept the bedside lamp on all night. My nephew, Alan, came with my mother for the night and he kept me on my toes. My house is soooo not child proof. He is 6 yrs old and gets bored after doing something for 5-10 minutes.

On Saturday morning I needed to run some errands, so my mom and Alan went along for the ride. By the time we were finished running around, it was lunch time. Buying a McDonald's Happy Meal for Alan would make me the coolest aunt in the world, for the next 30 min. So that's what we ate. We got it to-go and we let Alan start on his in the car. 9 minutes into my 30 minutes of coolness Alan was enjoying his Micky D's in the back seat and Ammon was gabbing up a storm......Alan said "he is singing up a storm!" My mom started talking about what a happy baby Ammon is so of course this was a conversation I was instantly interested in, about a minute later Alan chimed in with his 2 cents and said "yeah and he loves this sweet and sour sauce." WHAT!!!!!!!! I started fReAkInG out. I reached into the back and started feeling around I checked Ammon's chest to see if he was breathing then moved to his face to see if there was any movement, my fingers crossed his lips (as I was trying not to drive off the road) and as soon as they did he started sucking on my fingers.....whew!! Tragedy averted, my child was not choked to death on a McDonald's French Fry! Sweet & sour sauce was all over Ammon's arms, legs and clothes. Alan was dipping french fries in sweet and sour sauce and putting it to Ammon's mouth "I was giving him little bites of french fries, he liked it" Alan said. I never even thought to explain to him that babies cannot eat the same food we eat. So I explained it to Alan, I said "babies don't eat the food we eat, they only eat milk....special milk." Alan was a little sad at my gentle chastisement, I probably only got a good 13 minutes of coolness out of that Happy Meal. When we got home I heard my mom saying to Alan "your Aunt Jessica is really strict about what she'll let him eat."
"MOM, don't tell him that!"
"Well you are......." Then she whispered to Alan "she is."
My mom is a hoot!! She cracks me up all the time!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I had a crazy little scare today. I went for a walk this morning and was pressed for time because of a doctors appointment. After getting home I took a really quick 3 minute shower and was rushing to feed Ammon before I left. So there I was sitting on our bed watching Montel while I fed him and all of a sudden I heard this LOUD popping/crackling noise. It scared me pretty bad! It was coming from the light fixture on the ceiling. I could not see fire or smoke so I sat there for a second staring up, I guess I was waiting for something to happen. I then started to smell something like burning plastic. I jumped up running to the front door, still feeding Ammon, stopped to get myself together and grabbed my car keys as I went out the door. There I stood in the front yard looking for any sign of smoke or fire, but saw nothing. I looked around to see if any of my neighbors were home. Not a soul. Luckily I had my cell phone in my back pocket, I called Jason, no answer, called again, and again, then I sent him a text - "CALL NOW!!!" He didn't call back (well he did an hour later). I needed to leave for my appointment and wasn't sure what to do. I was standing outside barefoot holding a baby in only a t-shirt and wet diaper. I decided the safest thing to do was to call 911. I told the operator what had happen and that I could not see any smoke or fire. She said "We'll have someone come check it out." When we got off the phone I called the doctors office to let them know I would not be making it in and gave a very little detail why. Sure enough the next thing I heard was sirens headed my way. I got off the phone just as the fire truck pulled up. Oh my goodness, I was so embarrassed! There I was standing at the end of my driveway looking like an idiot, feeling like an idiot (and as white trash as you can get!). The firefighters went in to the house to look around, I'm sure they were thinking, what slobs. Our bed was not made, a basket of clean clothes were waiting to be folded by the bedroom door, Ammon's bouncer and some toys were spread all over the floor. By the closet lay dirty clothes that didn't make it into the hamper (Jason). I wasn't sure at that time what was worse, my house possibly burning to the ground or absolute strangers seeing my filthy bedroom. Using some little gadget they assured me no smoke or fire was in the house and it was safe to return inside. They think it could have been a light bulb or an electrical short. Their suggestion was to get a maid, just kidding, shut off the circuit breaker and have an electrician come and take a look at the wiring. If you know an electrician, or a maid, who is good and cheap let us know.

That was the first time I've called 911. Okay, besides that one time I woke up from a nap and could have sworn to a jury of my peers that the bedroom doorknob was jiggling and someone was inside my house. I was so sure someone had broken in! A polite cop came and checked things is our conversation......
COP: "What happened?"
ME: "I woke up........(see above)"
COP: "Were your three giant dogs in the backyard barking?"
ME: "no" (sheepishly)
COP: "Was the front door unlocked?"
ME: " deadbolt was locked......." (more sheepishly)
COP: "Any windows unlocked or opened?"
ME: "not that I know of." (feeling a bit like I over-reacted for the first time)
COP: "To make you feel better, since I've been a cop here I've never responded to any kind of break in or anything in this neighborhood."

I was hearing things I guess. Better safe then sorry! Oh yea, then there was that other time we came home late and our dog Nixon had got out of the fence. Jason and I took two separate cars and went throughout the neighborhood searching for him. Neither one of us had found him so we stopped in the street a few houses down, windows rolled down to decide what to do. Some "really cool" guys were at our neighbors house and started telling us to leave, and we were not allowed to stop there. Their exact word were: "U in da wrong Hood!"
***Burleson will NEVER be confused by anybody as a "Hood!" Too many squeeky clean parks and soccer moms!***
We just kept talking and ignored them. Five guys came up to Jason's car screaming and cursing. I was freaking out. They opened up his door and were going to I guess start beating him up. I jumped out of my car and was trying to explain we lived only two houses down and we were looking for our dog, Jason was like "what are you doing?!" They were like "Oh"!! One of them had a paper bag that rolled off the top of Jason's car and I heard glass break. He picked it up and slung it all over the front of my car. I was so furious! They had been induldging in some "adult beverages" and thought they were big and tough. I yelled that I was calling the cops. They left by the time the cops came. Very weird night! We didn't find Nixon, he had been hit by a car and was at the animal shelter, poor guy. We had to put him to sleep two days later. So sad. Maybe we should move? Just kidding, our neighborhood is pretty quiet, honestly. We've never had anything like that happen before or after that incident. Any whossal, I just thought I would share with you my drama for the day. FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Hey guys, sorry it's been a while since I've posted. I had such a busy week. Wow! Soooooo glad its over. Although things have been overwhelming, some good has come from it. On Wednesday I was able to hang out with two of my friends. I have known them pretty much since 4th grade. What was so fun is that we were all pregnant together and our babies are all within two weeks of each other.

It was so great being pregnant together. We had so much fun. It was nice to have someone to talk to and know exactly what you meant and how you were feeling.

Now we have these amazing beautiful baby boys to show for it. SO worth the weight gain, morning sickness(Becca), and having nothing that fits. All you Mommy's out there know what I'm talking about.

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and was visiting for the week, so on Wednesday Brooke and Rebecca drove to Burleson to so that we could play and all three boys could meet for the first time. We took lots of pictures. Jeremiah (yellow) was born on April 10th, Ammon April 13, and Gaige ( blue and red) was born on April 27th. They are all best friends. Babies love to look at each other and grab faces, hands and toes. So cute! I wish we had been able to spend more time together. I was not able to make it to Graham, I'll plan better next time. We love the wonderful pleasures of motherhood!!!!


On Thursday I had a dentist appointment. YES, another one!! Jason had to take the day off so he could watch Ammon. While I was being tortured in the dentist chair, Jason took Ammon to the Modern Art Museum. Jason had been wanting to see the exhibit by Ron Mueck. He thought it was really cool.

Ammon was really good and enjoyed looking at the sculptures with his daddy, actually he fell asleep in his Snugli carrier! Ron Mueck is an ultra-realist sculpture artist, he used to be a Hollywood make up artist. Now he makes sculptures so lifelike it's erie.......

This one was there, very cool! You can see veins and freckles and acne, unbelievable.

These are some pics from the internet, they didn't let cameras in the exhibit hall. You get the idea! If you want to see more check out this link...... .... I'm telling ya, it's weird! And of course, these are anatomically realistic sculptures so......."Adult discretion is advised.".......

Monday, September 10, 2007


I was just gonna say !!!!!!Congrats!!!!!! to my little brother James and his wife Lori. They just found out they are PREGO!!!!! I hope all goes well and you have an easy pregnancy. love ya.

(This is the most recent picture we have of them, it was at Ammon's blessing in June)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dog Status

hey guys, I have more to share.....
I am going to start by letting you know how our dogs are doing. Those who had spent any time at the Filina hacienda PRE Ammon, knows who my "kids" were! Bo, Duke and Daisy's lives have changed sooooooooo much. Bless their hearts. I feel so bad for them. They once were my top priority and concern( besides Jason, of course). Now they are just another chore I have to take care of in the backyard.
I still love them, but it's not the same. I try to give them attention, but it is very difficult. I have to wash my hands a million times each time I touch them. I guess I worry a little to much about germs with Ammon around. Sometimes the guilt really gets to me and my heart breaks. Jason is so busy with work, school and his church calling, he never has time for them.


She would get in a lot of trouble if she got on the couch now. Especially if dad is home. I have a softer heart, so i let her get away with more.

look at that face........ she needs my lovin'

Bo and Duke have adjusted much better than Daisy and seem to be pretty forgiving so long as you play fetch with them. They are getting used to sleeping outside. Yes, outside. Please don't give me a hard time ( all you dog lovers out there). This is hard for me to. Jason has really been pushing this for a while........... my poor dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any hoo, last night I went out for the first time, since Ammon was born, with a couple of friends. We met at MiMi's cafe, had dinner and chatted it up. We talked a lot about our little ones and our husbands, go figure. We had a good time. I hope we can start doing it once every couple of months.

We missed you, for those who couldn't get away.

Of course I had to include a picture or two of my little man.

Mr. Serious. But look at those blue eyes.

this was just this afternoon while we were out running errands.

my little cutie:)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Boring Labor Day

The last few days have been so crazy! Labor day we did a whole lot of nothing, just stayed at home and lounged around. Jason was very happy. I would have liked to be out and having a big BBQ. We had hoped to go to Graham to visit family and friends, but our plans fell through.

Tuesday was Jason's 32nd birthday. WOW! He is so old. We went and had two new front tires put on Jason's Honda. Happy Birthday!!! There is a Chinese Buffet here in Burleson that will let you eat free on your birthday, so guess where we ate. Yep, reheated Chinese. I do not like Chinese buffets much, but I still managed to stuff myself to the point of misery. Jason was happy so that was good. The waitress even brought Jason a piece of cake(dry & off the buffet) with a candle in it and sang Happy Birthday to him in Chinese. I ended up making him brownies and a cake because he would not tell me what he wanted. He ate both. So that was his uneventful birthday. Oh yeah, we did go and buy him some scout pants. woohoooo...... LOL

Wednesday Jason's dad had surgery. We were told he had colon cancer. Thankfully after eight and a half hours of surgery the doctor let us know that in fact, it wasn't. It ended up being an infected diverticulum and polyp. The mass itself was the size of a tennis ball. He had to have a resection and ended up with a three for one special, the mass, his appendix and gallbladder were all removed. He is feeling okay today, although he is still pretty out of it with the amount of pain meds he is getting. The nurses got him up this morning and this evening so he can walk a little. He has a long road to recovery so please keep him in your prayers.

On a lighter note....... Ammon is still so adorable ( I'm partial). He is still sucking his thumb occasionally. I can't believe he is just starting to do this at 4 1/2 months! Most babies start this a lot sooner if they are gonna at all.

He is just so darn cute!!!!

Most of you know Jason has been training for a marathon. He had been doing really great, his mileage was up to 40 miles a week with long runs on Saturday of 15 miles. Last Thursday morning he hurt his ankle. Stepped on a rock at 5:15 in the morning on a dark and completely deserted overpass that is still under construction. It scares me to death that he could be somewhere by himself and fall in a ditch and die or get hit by a car and just have to lay there waiting for help!! I hate it!! Luckily, no death or maiming, it is just a sprain, but it has set him back. I hope by next week he will be able to start running again. Here is ankle after most of the swelling has gone down, it just has a weird bruise. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

First Post & Pics

Well we are starting a blog... who knows how well we will keep it up. We hope to keep everyone updated on our little family in an exciting way. I've never been much of a writer or typer and computers are definitely not my forte. We will see if this will be worth the stress or trying to make this a weekly project. I hope we can all enjoy the pictures and weekly updates!!!!

This is a picture of Jason and I in France last May. I wanted to post a family picture with Ammon, but the family pictures we took a few weeks ago were nothing to brag about.

Ammon was a little pill. He must have felt the stress of mommy trying to make us all look perfect. He was extremely fussy more so than I have ever seen him before. I will try to share those with all of you when we get them. Actually, you can go to the website and peek at them if you wish. just find our name filina family and our password is 4261292. There are a few silly pictures of Jason. A close friend is the photographer so he was just playing around while waiting.

We just love our happy boy. He really is happy most of the time. He talks and giggles so much. Last night we went to a small pizza joint and the entire time we were eating he was talking. Well he was going aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhahhhhhhh!!!!!! Then he would take a deep breath and start again. He is just such a blast.

Today after we got home from church, Jason was in the back changing Ammon. I went to the nursey to find this.........what a silly daddy!!!!! I had to take a picture. LOL!

So I gave him some lovin to make him feel better.
enjoy the pics..................... jess