Thursday, July 31, 2008

First OB Visit

Yesterday morning I had my first OB visit since getting pregnant, we were really excited!! What if I wasn't pregnant?! Sure I've been having all the symptoms but what if?! So we were really looking forward to that confirmation. And it's official, I'm pregnant... 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant to be exact! Due date is March 16th.
Ammon has recently started doing this thing and he did it yesterday morning as we were leaving for my appointment...
Me: "Ammon..... time to go byebye. You ready to go byebye?"
His response... runs away and gathers up everything he wants to take with him...
This morning he went and got a stuffed doggy with a Christmas hat, a smaller stuffed puppy and his new favorite toy...his golf clubs in their rolling carrier.
BTW.... he couldn't hold everything, but he was still looking for more!

Friday Night BBQ

Man o' man... it's been busy lately! My mom went home last Friday, she was recuperated enough to head home. Unfortunately she's found herself at my brother's house because she is having electrical problems at her place. Anyway, last Friday evening after she left we went to a good 'ol fashion BBQ with a bunch of friends....
Lots of kids running around, Ammon became pretty much addicted to sprinklers which is good because it's relatively cheap and easy fun for him.... he also, for the first time, genuinely wanted to get in the pool and had fun when he did!
Dave, Caden, Ammon & Hope all partying with the sprinkler.
Ammon, Hope & Caden....
Everybody in the pool!!
Hopey being thrown back and forth by Jason & Mark. She was loving it!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Zoo

Here are some pics of the Zoo... we went on Wednesday because it's half price! Ammon is hitting a good age to take him to the zoo, for one his vocabulary is growing he's up to about 15 words right now...he is also pointing and getting genuinely excited about things, he loves animals (as most kids do) dogs are probably his favorite. Jason had to work so it was just Me and Ammon and it was so much fun regardless of the heat!!!

Ammon LOVED the penguins....that's him pointing at one swimming.

Ammon also really likes riding things right now... he cried when I HAD to take him off the alligator to let other kids have a turn.
Ammon liked the Gorilla's, but they scared him if they moved to fast toward him...
This Gorilla stole some food from another Gorilla and went and hid to eat it... Ammon had a front row seat!

Looking at the White Tiger.... I could just see Ammon trying to stick his fingers in the Tiger's nose, that is what he always wants to do with our dogs...

Looks like he's on Safari trying not to get spotted or caught upwind!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Saddest Kid In The World

It was haircut time again.... I had given him a haircut not to long ago and wasn't happy with it, so we went to Great Clips the other day. By the way, Ammon hates haircuts.

He REALLY hates the clippers!

The suckers help!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

CUTEST KID IN THE offense to the rest of ya!

But don't we all think that about our kiddos?! Seriously.....look at this kid!! I just love him to death, I can't get enough of him. He was sitting in the backseat on the way to get a haircut, playing with some toys, hat cocked off to the side and just being as cute as can be!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The 2nd Birthday Party SOOOOOO Big One Blog Is Not Enough!!

So we had another birthday party this weekend... this one was for Dave..... the kiddos played with water ballons & water guns as well as assorted other games... it was a lot of fun, and all the kiddos enjoyed themselves. Ammon found the stairs and just couldn't stay off them...anyway...thanks Barbie!! And enjoy the pics...
Eating his cupcake. Ammon loves furniture and stuff that is his size... he just LOVES them!! So Dave's table and chairs were right up his alley!
Here is the only pic I could get of was pretty crazy!! You probably can't tell but he was saying "cheeeese."
Hope enjoying her cupcake.
Ammon loving sitting at the table with everybody!
Does this picture give you an idea? Kiddo Kaos!! But so much fun.... it warms your soul to see happy kids.... Oh and this is about half of them!

Fun With Markers

Ammon got a hold of a purple marker the other day... if this looks familiar to some of you then check out this blast from the past by clicking here.....

Trinity Railroad Ride

What? Am I on the wrong blog? That is probably what you are asking your self right? This looks like Mark & Krystal's blog..... well, this is what happens when everybody you know has a family blog... they all start to look alike!
We went to the little train in Fort Worth that runs thru Trinity Park. It's called Forest Park Miniature Railroad. It was fun.... kiddos had some fun, it was hot and Hopey was holding a grudge against the guy who took the tickets...she really wanted to keep the tickets. Overall it was fun for all...
Notice Ethan's forced smile.... imagine that forced smile in a school yearbook when he gets older. So funny!!
See Ammon's red red cheeks.... it was so hot!
Hopey and Ammon.
Just the girls!

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July Cupcake

Ammon telling us that he likes his cupcake!

More Cupcake Pics

The Birthday Party SOOOO Big One Blog Is Not ENOUGH!!

Last Saturday we went to a birthday party that can be seen on one other blog at least & maybe more!! Ethan & Aiden (cousins) both turned 3...their birthdays are so close together that their birthdays were combined into one MEGA birthday...
It was at Bouncin Bonanza... this great place that is a building full of those inflatable bounce houses. Pizza, cake, ice cream, bounce houses it was so much fun. It was obvious all the kids had a blast and the grown up kids did to!! I highly recommend this place, it's inexpensive fun in my opinion...we are definitely taking Ammon back to have some fun sometime. Enjoy the pics....
The birthday boys...Daddy & Ammon bouncing...
Daddy & Ammon sliding...
Jason sent Ammon down first then came down head first at him...Ammon just laughed and tried to run!
Hopey enjoying some cake & ice cream.Ammon had so much fun, but it was more than he could handle really... toward the end of the party he started stopping and laying down on the floor for a break. Great place to wear a child out...he slept like a ROCK that night.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Guess What

Well I guess he is "GOING to be" a big brother!!!! Hip, hip, HOORAY