Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas pictures

We had our Christmas pictures made yesterday, oh what fun! I am not sure about the rest of the world, but it is so stressful for me. I think I might have even developed an ulcer. Deciding what to wear, wear my hair up or down, should we bring two outfits, hat or no hat, shoes or no shoes, see to many things to worry about.... and there is more but you get the picture! Oh and Jason had to rush home from work so I could give him a hair cut. At least it is done and over with! Ammon did so good, it was hard to choose what pictures we liked best because they all turned out just so darn cute! Ammon had the full red cheeks goin'

This is our family picture....... ugh.......I wonder if I will ever be happy with one of our family pictures? Probably not! any who.....

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Our Ammon:)

This video is way long.... Ammon is pulling himself up anywhere it is possible. He bumps his head all the time, poor guy. He will even try to pull himself up on the wall. Once he is standing he will take a few steps while holding on to whatever he pulled himself up from. He is also crawling everywhere and getting into stuff. Totally exploring his environment.

LOOK at this adorable boy.......he is so CuTe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ammon playing with his balls... he throws the balls sometimes, but I don't think he realizes what he is doing:) Those of you with kiddos, should invest in some balls! Ammon has a lot of fun with them. Of course Jason noticed his throwing form, he is hoping football but baseball is a possibility as well.It is so awesome watching him grow and learn right in front of our eyes, and well sometimes behind our in this picture;) I need to baby proof. I put it off to long.....YIKES!

Friday, November 23, 2007


I am thankful for FAMILY

Inlaws......sorry Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Ron & Bethany.....the cameras didn't come out until right before we left!

My crazy family...

strolling down memory laneme and da' mom
Grandma and Ammon.... Jason's sister already had her tree up. It is pretty and nice to have in the pictures:)

My little man

Mav Boys

My cute guys:) Like father like son...

Thanks Kasallis family... it fits him now!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Weekend of Wii

Jason playing Transformers the video game on Wii.

Weekend of Wii Continued

My brother Jacob brought over a Nintendo Wii for all of us to play this weekend, but mostly for Mackenzie to play.....well.....Kenzie loved the Wii Sports game but Transformers the video game proved to be a bit to complicated for her. Enter Jason, Jacob & my nephew Brandon!!! If anybody is not familiar with Nintendo Wii it is extremely interactive, it simulates real motion so it translates well for bowling, tennis, boxing and baseball. It is Hi-larious to watch others play with it tho' see the above video......

Kenzie & Brandon.......

Kenz, Brandon & Lori watching James play Baseball

Yes, there is a mattress & box spring in our living room floor. We had my Mom, Brandon, Kenzie, James & Laurie all staying the night. We had a single bed in the office for my Mom, the full size mattress & box in the living room floor for James & Laurie, Brandon slept on the couch and Kenzie slept in her "fort" on the loveseat.
Fort Kenzie......No Trespassing! Access granted by invitation only.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Ammon has his first's so sad!! He's had it since Wednesday, but it has gone thru an evolution....started with a fever and stuffy sounds on Wednesday but the fever passed so we could stop worrying. Now he's got a runny nose, boogers, coughs, snorts, crying, whining, restlessnes, sleeplessness, chapped nose-chin-cheeks (from mommy & daddy wiping up all the aforementioned stuff), he's loosing his voice so when he laughs or whines it sounds like he went to an Aerosmith concert the night before!! I think that's get the picture. Its sooooo sad, he just feels horrible and wants to basically be held all day. He has played in the floor with some toys a little today but not like he usually does. I feel so bad for him, I know how I feel when I'm sick and I can do something about it....he has no options!! Poor boy!!

Notice the tear under his eye & the drool about to detach from his chin!

On The Inside Looking Out

This is one of Ammon's favorite things to do......look outside the window behind our bed. He gets so excited everytime he's on our bed, he crawls right up to it immediately and looks out of it every morning. He watches everything outside, the traffic passing the house, birds, powerlines but his favorite thing is to watch Duke, Daisy & Bo run around and bark at nothing and in this case, look back at him. Ignore the fact that you can bearly see out of the window!! It's so dirty and the dogs keep it that way!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


My niece Mackenzie is visiting from California for the week. Yesterday she and Ammon were able to meet for the first time. He loved the beads on her shirt...too cute:)

Our Saturday

I am just getting around to posting after eight whole days.... that is crazy for me. Life has been pretty uneventful around here lately, so there hasn't been much to post!! Saturday started off with a baptism of one of my primary kids, not a bad way to start your day. Unfortunately I was to busy to get any pictures of Garrett, I will have to get his mom to send me some. After the baptism we meet my friend Amber at Frisca's, a kinda new Mexican restaurant here in Burleson..... yummy! My mom was with us also.

Me, Jason and my sleeping Ammon

mom,amber,Sadie,me and Jason

me and mi madre'

After eating lunch we went to our house only to find ourselves bored. Amber had a few picture ideas so we then became camera happy.......

my huge head, cute Ammon and Jason

Me and Amber dancing on the couch...

Sadie,Ammon and me..... I don't think he likes kisses:)Saturday night I was invited to a Christmas Party of Surgery Center that I used to work for so this is a picture of me before I left my little Ammon. It is sad to come home and him already be in bed:(

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Firsts for Ammon

Ammon ate his first biter biscuit.... I think he might like it;) He was such a mess. Cookie up to his elbows. Yucko!! At least he enjoyed it.


splish splash I was takin' my first big boy bath


Bananas( in the green mesh bag)
Sliding with daddy. He really didn't know what was going on.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mountain Man breakfast*

Our ward had a camp out Friday night.We didn't feel it prudent to have a 6 and a half mnth old in 40 degree temperatures over night. So Saturday morning we went out there around 7 for breakfast. Jason is the Scout Master in our ward, so of course he got volunteered to cook. Mountain Man breakfast is what they made, wow it was impressive! Tater tots, eggs,ham and cheese all mixed together. YUMMY!! Cooking wasn't so bad with six dutch ovens. Biscuits and Cinnamon rolls were also on the menu. I was just amazed how much and how well the dutch ovens cooked. I decided a dutch oven is something we neeeeeed. That is what we are getting for Christmas. I am so excited. We love to camp and have not had the chance to go since Ammon is only 6 mnths. I know some of you would probably camp with a young kiddo, but I want him to be able to walk:) Easier on us all! Also camping is so much more fun when you are properly equipped.

We were all cold, but Jason was red faced and sweating from having his face in the fire. Ammon was in a great mood and had a smile for everybody.
OH, and also because I missed out on smores the night before, I had two after I ate breakfast:) There is nothing healthier than to start your day off with chocolate and marshmallows!
Veronica, check out your dad in this pic..... he is so funny!!! LOL

Friday, November 2, 2007

Giggle Box

The video was taken yesterday. Ammon loved daddy's quack quack sounds. He thought it was just so funny! I love when Ammon laughs like this and I am so glad we finally got it on tape. Ammon gets in these moods and everything will make him laugh. He is so much fun. Gotta love him...
We got to eat lunch with Jason at work today! It's not often we get to do this, Jason loves eating lunch with there is a GREAT chinese place near his work, mmmmmmm Chicken Lo Mein mmmmmmmm. Funny thing is I don't even like Chinese food?! But, anyway Panda Delite is de-lish.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dwight and Elvis....

Which is best, brown bear or black bear?
False, black bear!
Jason was Dwight K. Schrute for Halloween, can you tell?????? He wore this to work and it took a while for some people to figure out that he was in costume. Someone at work came up to him and said "are you that guy from The Office?" She had just realized who he was, she said she was thinking to herself... "why is Jason dressed like such a DORK today?" He does look like a total dork though....LOL... love you babe!!
We went to a Halloween party last night and Guess who was there..... yep, Elvis! He is still alive, saw him myself. Elvis even put on a little show for us. Ammon's first concert, it was wild, lots of groupies...... those chick are NUTS!!!!

My little pumpkin on Halloween...... ignore the mess, focus on my cute pumpkin pie!