Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer is for Swimming!!

It's summer, so it's time for swimming.... Ammon is still learning to love to swim... This past week has been full of swimming opportunities... here are some of the pics.....
Swimming in the front yard...
Swimming at the Jesperson's... Casey, Mackenzie & Alex joined Me, Ammon, Amber & Sadie.... we had a blast!! Thanks Sharon for letting us use your pool!!
Saturday we had a Primary Activity... Swim party at the McCorkles... Thanks McCorkles!! It was so much fun!! Hot, but a lot of fun... My only regret, I was so busy that I didn't take enough pictures!! Well, I had one other regret.... Veronica, we couldn't hang out that much!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Haircut

I have been wanting to give Ammon another haircut for a week or so now, but I wasn't sure if I should do it or take him somewhere. I decided to give it a shot today and I totally butchered his hair. He hated it and kept trying to get away from me, so it looks really choppy. I took a few pics but you cannot tell how bad it really is. At least he still looks cute!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Twilight Update

I know most of you out there blog hopping are fans of the Twilight books and I'm slow to come around....
Well with my Mom having surgery and plenty of bedside time to kill I was able to finish Twilight last Friday (ooohhhhh spooky...Friday the 13th!).
I'm now well into the 2nd book, "New Moon"
I like New Moon, although its slower and seems to be more of an information dump than the first... I keep finding myself feeling that I can't wait to get to the 3rd one.... That kinda sounds like I don't like it but I do....just not as much as Twilight!!

Jason also started a new book....1776. He mentioned that he wanted to read it one day when we were out...Father's day came up...sounds like the perfect gift to me!! He's enjoying it and, of course, boring me with some of the details!!
I'll keep y'all posted on my progress!

Scout Camp

Jason has been gone quite a bit lately...The boys packed their gear Sunday evening and left for camp at....get this....3:30 AM Monday morning!!! He was there Monday and Tuesday, came home late late Tuesday evening so I could take my Mom to a surgical follow-up appointment Wednesday, went to work Thursday, came home, changed and went back out to Camp (almost 2 hrs a way). Did the reverse Friday morning and worked late Friday evening. Very busy week for him, here are a few of the pics from Scout Camp.... I know, Scout Camp pics? .... well he took the camera so I couldn't take any pictures of anything else going on around here.
All the boys playing cards....
This is the only picture with Jason in it....he was always holding the camera.
The boys took a Theatre merit badge class. They got to paint each other's faces as a requirement I guess....
Dinner at the "mess hall."

Father's Day

The posts have been slow coming...our life could not be busier at the moment. Well, I'm sure it could so I better not press our luck!! Sunday we had just enough time to go hang out with Jason's parents - Ammon's Gramma & Grampa. We had to get boys picked up and gear loaded for Boy Scout Camp. Being Father's day here are some pics of Ammon & his Grampa!

"Look at the camera!!"

Jason's sister's house has a little fireplace...Ammon loves to go stand on it and stomp & dance...what a ham!
Crawling under the tables....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lots Going On...

We've been so busy's really crazy!! We've had so much going on....Jason is getting ready to go to Scout Camp next week, I've been busy with church stuff also, packing up Alan and moving him out. We finally got a deep freeze, not a big one sense in paying the electricity on a huge freezer when we won't need all the space for quite a few years... Here is the freezer we got.
We got a new dining room table (Thank you Debbie & Barry!!), well it's new to us... has one of those built in flip out leafs...fits us perfectly!!My mom went in for surgery Monday on her knee...this was a long time coming, she had been in pain for months. She had some complications and scared me to death but she seems to be doing better...but now the fun part comes! She's going to recuperate at our house!!
My sister Rita had an accident while swimming and shattered a vertebrae in her neck. Currently she has no feeling from the neck down....please keep both my Mom & Rita in your prayers.

Even tho we've had so much going on we've still found time to do some reading.
Jason just finished this book...
The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. Many of you are probably familiar with's such an inspirational book. Jason will read some bits of it to me here and there and it just brings tears to my eyes (and his for that matter). Randy Pausch has terminal Pancreatic Cancer but you'd never know by being around him... One thing he wrote when talking about what he wants his kids to remember about him was unbelievable...His daughter is 18 months and he says..."I'm aware that Chloe may have no memory of me at all. She's too young. But I want her to grow up knowing that I was the first man ever to fall in love with her." Ugggghhhhh, isn't that to much to take! Well you should read the book, it's awesome!

As most of you know, I am not a reader... some people enjoy reading.... I am not one of those people. But if I find a book I like I devour it...I can read it until the lines become blurry and I have to re-read it 5 times to comprehend 1 sentence. Well I'm TOTALLY addicted to Twilight!!
Everybody has told me "you have to read it" ...well I am...I love it... I even went and bought the second book in the series tonight!! Maybe I'll post a review once I'm done....maybe not. Oh, and Ammon found our IPod today...cute!

That's all for now....this post went on for much longer than I had thought!


We took Ammon swimming for the first time last week....he didn't have as much fun as we had expected but give him a few more months.... He had fun at times but was a little timid at others, not sure what to think.... but he was obviously cute the entire time!!

Alan's Gone Home

Alan left us on was very sad. Friday I took him to Hurricane Harbor with Amber and Sadie (Alan & Sadie have always had so much fun here!). It was fun!! Not that hot, lines were pretty short... the kids had a blast!
Those that know Alan's story know that he has not had your normal childhood so we really worked hard to give him a taste of what other kids have experienced....campouts, amusement parks, riding his bike to school, birthday parties, the Zoo....these were things that he literally had never experienced. We took him to Disneyland and in preparing him for what lay ahead he let us know that he had no idea who Mickey Mouse was! What kid doesn't know who Mickey Mouse is?!!

Butch & Sundance....I mean Alan & Sadie.....
It's a water this picture in the park is as good as it gets!!
Posing before starting the day!!
Saturday morning before Jason drove him to his mom's house...

Goofy Kid

Ammon was just dying to wear Alan's bicycle helmet last Friday morning...he walked around everywhere with it on....

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Alan had his kindergarten graduation ceremony Tuesday was great! Alan has been with us for only 6 months but what a change we've seen in this kid. He has learned so much and we are soooo proud of him!
Pictures with the Gramaws....
Jason took a normal picture then said, "now give us your karate chop pose!"
Alan and his teacher Miss Lee
Receiving his "diploma" from the Principal.
Picture with the class....Alan is back row, all the way on the right.
Alan also got the Happy Award for his class....he said he wanted the Speed Racer award tho!We had a little celebration for him when he got home...cupcakes, presents. He enjoyed it.

Random Stuff

Just some random pics from stuff that went on the past 1/2 week or so.....
We put a humidifer in Ammon's room while he was's been in there before but this is the first time it interested him....he loved to let it blow in his mouth or put anything and everything in the stream....
Got to see Becca/Shane & Gaige over the weekend at Shane's parents 30th Anniversary party and Shane's sister Amy's graduation.
The boys were both sick and so so soooo close to getting better so we kept them home from church Sunday...Ammon was playing on his "bike" and Alan was playing cowboy and shooting at the movie he was watching....
In California it was sooooo cute to see Jacob say "cheeeeese" and smile at 20 months old....we've been practicing with Ammon. He'll smile on command, if he's in the mood....but when we say cheese he does this.....opens his mouth wide. Incidently, that is how he gives kisses most of the time too!

Feeding Ducks

Sunday we went to a park and fed some ducks and played on the playground. It was really hot but we still had a good time....We actually fed more turtles than ducks...the ducks were a bit more finicky...I guess our bread wasn't good enough for them!!
Ammon ate the bread instead of throwing it to the ducks!

Ammon likes sliding now, we have to get him one for home!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Monday at the Beach

Monday morning we went to the beach....this time prepared to get in the water! It was COLD!! You see us in sweatshirts and bundled up in some of the pics.... The sun came out after a bit and it was sooooo much fun..... we boogie boarded, Ammon napped (because a cold was coming on), played in the sand and even saw some dolphins!!

As we were leaving, Ammon was NOT feeling well.....

I hope you can click on this to make it bigger....there are 2 dolphins on the right half of the pic... Even the locals were excited to see this!! Lucky us!!
What a blast!

Getting some sun and trying to warm up!
How cute is this? Think Doritos would pay for this pic?!

Beach bum....

Playing in the sand....